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My favourite day – thanks to you all.

In General Mish-Mash on July 27, 2014 at 12:39 am

This innocent, unpretentious, and easy-going exchange between Piglet and Pooh is possibly my favourite of all the wisdom that gets spun out on social media.

Pooh Fav Day

Naive and simple.

Albert Schweitzer’s words:
From naive simplicity we arrive at more profound simplicity.

To read it, feel it, know it, smile at it is:
                         Starting from naive simplicity.
To live it is:
                         Arriving at profound simplicity.

If only the path of Pooh was so straightforward.
It’s not!

But …

Today is my favourite day.
It is!

Because today,
You spent a moment
On a thought for me.
In that moment
I lived.