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Resurrecting A Struggling Industry

In General Mish-Mash on August 28, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Guess who I am (I am an industry)  …

  • I was once much loved by all – consumers, suppliers, staff, financiers, regulators, & communities.
  • I generated strong revenues, profits, & employment.
  • Questions started being asked of me. Questions about some of the products I offer.
  • New competitors emerged.
  • A defence of your market position is mounted – shifting the way business is conducted.
  • My revenue & profits start to slip, I could not re-invest in myself.
  • I start to look stale and dated.
  • Regulators impose more restrictions on how I operated. Operating costs rise, profits fall – again.
  • The questions about my products increase in both frequency & volume.
  • I have not connected with the children of those who loved me – the new generation.
  • Even my very loyal supporters are questioning their affection for me.
The questions become louder and more frequent.

The industry I am thinking of is the Circus – specifically during the dark decades for the Circus World –  the 1960’s and 70’s.

In 2011, a full circle has turned and the Circus World is much bigger than it ever was and touches more people than it ever did.

Inventiveness, innovation, authenticity, and effort were the motors of change.

In Australia, our own Circus Oz was at the forefront of change – an ensemble delivering human performances that were theatrical, artistic, entertaining, political, and physical. Even the way it was structured was uniquely egalitarian, even subversive.

Circus Oz Poster 1998 – We Laugh at Life 

Undoubtedly, though, Cirque du Soleil transported the Circus World into a different dimension.

O by Cirque du Soleil

The resurrection, and subsequent growth, of the Circus must contain lessons for other industries.

You would be forgiven if you thought the list of industry characteristics was describing the NSW Club Industry. The big question is whether that industry will succumb to its own “dark decades”  … or can it reinvent, rejuvenate, and resurrect itself to resume an esteemed and leading place in this state.

If it is to happen someone needs to be daring, bold, and strong enough to lead the way. Who will it be? How will they proceed?

That is the subject of my most recent article in Club Life (August 2011). A copy of the article can be obtained by:

  • getting hold of the magazine
  • from Clubs NSW website (if you are a club manager with a password) or
  • email me or leave a message here and I will send it to you.
  • Change The Game 

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