Just testing … though possibly politically incorrect!!!

In General Mish-Mash, Quick Mish-Mash on October 5, 2011 at 2:07 pm

I am just needing to test my connections …  but I do like this set of perceptions of the demography of Sydney. Originally published by Tharunka.

Ethnic & Cultural Profiles of Sydney

  1. Hey Max
    Connections all good my end….and it is absolutely politically incorrect….(though having once lived in the Shire for 10 years I can verify it it is pretty spot on!! I am now a cultured, hippie, nouveau riche, socalist!!


    • Hahaha … Linda, glad you got outta there. Mind you, I have two brothers deep in the shire!! … and still, I am not allowed across Tom Ugly’s Bridge.

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