Wond’rin if we’ve changed at all …

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Look at this excerpt from a 1978 interview with Bob Dylan while he was in Australia.

Rock Express: What do you think characterises the Australian that you know?

Bob Dylan: Well, in Brisbane, I noticed that everybody has a great ability to laugh.

RE: What about elsewhere?

BD: Elsewhere I find it … it’s very …[pause] … I don’t think it is a place for explorers.

RE: You mean you don’t consider it a land for explorers because there isn’t much to discover?

BD: No, I find you have to have permission for everything.

RE: Creatively?

BD: No, just a general feeling in the air, I can’t explain it. It’s like a feeling when all the windows are closed and you can’t open them.

A pretty astute observation about Australia circa 1978, don’t you think? But what about now? Have we changed or are we still hampered by a need for compliance and permission?

  1. ‘Tangled up in blue.. One of my favourites and so many quotes too.. Headin out to the east coast Lord knows Ive paid my dues.”

    we are more hampered, bogged down, bureaucratic and litigious, we watch our backs, do not trust and we are ‘Tangled up in red… tape’.
    Today I explained to students the importance and understanding of being a real person before anything else.
    The ability to be able to look someone in the eye, be up front and honest,Create relationships,humour and ideas in business.

    It seems so simple.. It’s actually easy to teach an old dog new tricks, but harder to teach a new dog old tricks!

    • Chris, I think you’d get a lot of enjoyment (and grist for your mill) from Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin”. It is very easy to read and all about what we each can contribute provided we recognise that we each do have “art” to give.

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